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The 2 things most customer forget to consider when making a purchasing decision on a trampoline

Customers like to ask us for recommendations on trampolines. Usually, our customers already have an idea of what they want and they know what features they're looking for. Typically, a customer will let us know that they want a bouncy trampoline that is big and has a net for safety. That is all they tell us. Today's blog will focus on additional considerations we like to give to our customers. Costs always plays a huge factor in a purchasing decision, but we hope to shed light on a few things you might not have thought about when choosing a trampoline: 1. Is it easy to find spare or replacement trampoline parts? Many customers call us asking about replacement parts. Perhaps,... Read More

What makes up a bouncy trampoline?

WHAT MAKES A TRAMPOLINE BOUNCY?  Trampolines are meant to be bouncy. That is the whole reason why they are so much fun. A trampoline that doesn't bounce is like a car that doesn't drive. In other words, a trampoline with no bounce is useless. The biggest indicator of the trampoline's jumping properties are: The number of springs The length of springs The pre-stress of a spring Overall, it's all about the springs. There are many springs in the market and there are many companies that sell springs separately, and the springs also vary in quality material that contributes to the trampoline's weight capacity and longevity. Good springs can stretch long and have high resiliency and pre-stress. Longer springs and higher... Read More