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Do I need to buy an enclosure net for my trampoline?

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Purchasing a trampoline can be stressful, especially if it's your first time buying a trampoline for your family. If you have never purchased a trampoline before, you may not know what things to consider while browsing stores or websites. The Trampoline Shop is dedicated to helping families choose the right trampoline, and also select the necessary accessories.

Trampolines are typically sold by themselves or in bundles (or combinations). This means that Most retailers will have a regular trampoline for a certain cost but will offer a discounted price when you order the trampoline and the trampoline enclosure (safety net).

The question for trampoline shoppers becomes: do I really need an enclosure? There are pros and cons when answering this question. On one hand, the enclosure provides a level of safety and a peace of mind to parents. Most of the enclosures have great transparency and are easy to install. The enclosures help the jumpers not fall off the trampoline. Safety is the main reason why shoppers purchase the enclosure net along with the trampoline. On the other hand, depending on your budget, the cost of an enclosure net by itself can add up.

At The Trampoline Shop we recommend looking at trampoline bundles to save on costs. Check out our Bundle & Save page and our trampolines that are currently On Sale

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