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Does the trampoline size matter?

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Does size really matter when buying a trampoline? If you're searching around for a trampoline for your family, then you might have already noticed the obvious: the bigger the trampoline size, the more expensive. If you looked at things from a financial perspective, then the answer would be "yes", size definitely matters.

The size of the trampoline matters because it measures the size of the jumping mat. All round trampolines are measured by its diameter. Therefore, a 10 ft. trampoline has a 10 ft. jumping mat that is measured from one side to the other. However, the jumping space becomes less after you include the padding and an enclosure net. Those two things are important for safety, but it limits the amount of space to jump.

For those gymnast or fitness enthusiast, an Olympic trampoline to practice becomes an important investment. For the families of 4 who want their kids to enjoy the trampoline (without fighting), it also becomes an investment. On average, the trampolines that sell the most are 12 ft or bigger (for round trampolines) and the most common trampolines for gymnasts are rectangular trampolines measuring about 15 X 17. For those interested in adding a trampoline to a fitness routine, a simple fold-able trampoline does the job. 

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