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How many people will use the trampoline at once?

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When buying a trampoline, there is typically one factor that most people miss. How many people are planning to use the trampoline? This might be an easy question, but jumping on trampolines is something social (unless you are purchasing a trampoline for fitness purposes or for gymnastics). This means that most people want to jump on a trampoline with others. With this said, the buyer must think about the size of the trampoline and the weight capacity. The shape of the trampoline will also matter.

Most round trampolines are sold with enclosures, or safety nets, that will allow multiple people to jump on the trampoline without jumping off the trampoline. Safety is always a concern for our customers. We always encourage our customers to buy our bundled offerings for safety reasons as well as discounted pricing.

Most people want to buy the most cost-effective trampoline. However, the least expensive trampolines are usually the smallest. If you are planning on having multiple people using the trampoline at the same time, then we recommend going above 10 ft. in diameter for round trampolines.  

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