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How much space is needed for my trampoline?

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About two months ago, a customer called us wanting to buy a 10 X 17 foot rectangular trampoline. She asked us if it would fit her backyard and we explained to her that the trampoline can fit in her backyard (since the space she described was 11 x 20 feet), but it would not be safe. She asked us if she should buy it anyway and see what happens, and we said no. Although we love selling trampolines, our focus with our customers has always been safety first.

The Trampoline Shop offers a variety of trampoline sizes to fit any backyard. We have trampolines small enough for toddlers (such as our 55 inch round trampolines) and large trampolines that measure 15 X 17 FT. However, the space where the trampoline will be assembled should be carefully considered for safety purposes.


The following steps will hopefully help you determine the space needed for your trampoline.

  1. With a tape measure, measure the open space where you plan on having the trampoline by using length and width dimensions (i.e. 15 X 10 FT of open space for the trampoline). 
  2. For safety purposes, calculate a safety margin by subtracting two feet to each side of your calculation (note: most trampolines with enclosures might only require you to subtract a safety margin of half a foot or one foot). Therefore, if you measured a space of 15 X 10 FT, to be on the safe side, your trampoline space would technically be about 13 X 8 FT. 
  3. Now you can determine what type of trampoline will fit in this space safely


We always tell our customers to always imagine the trampoline as being some type of outside furniture where space has to be cleared and the dimensions have to be right. Measuring space might be a bit more work than we would like, but there's nothing like enjoying a trampoline with no worries.

If you have any questions about the trampoline that is right for your backyard, feel free to contact us at or call us toll free at (855) 773- 7843.


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