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5 Safety Tips Parents Should Share With Their Children About Trampolines

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Our team at the cares about you and your family which is why we created a blog post for parents who are purchasing a trampoline for their backyard or for their children. Although trampolines are fun, good for exercise, and for all ages, we encourage parents to share (and monitor) the following safety tips with their children or anyone using our trampolines.


1. Never Land On Your Head

It is very common for anyone using a trampoline to try to do something else other than jump on two feet. This means that most people will try to do a back-flip or a jumping maneuver they have never done. Once the person tries to do some type of flip or spin, the person is at risk for landing on his or her head which can become dangerous. Talk to your children about what they can and can't do on a trampoline. Let them know that back flips or any types of flips are forbidden.

2. Always Use Both Feet When Jumping

As mentioned previously, many people, when using trampolines want to try some type of maneuver other than just jumping on two feet. Although parents might not deem it necessary to discuss, it is important for parents to let children know that they should be jumping with both feet at all times. This will prevent children from trying to jump on one leg or on their knees or with other parts of their bodies. 

3. Never Jump Out Of The Trampoline

For many people jumping on trampolines with no net, it becomes very tempting to jump from the trampoline to another spot on the ground, or on top of something else (such as a tree). It is important for parents to teach their children not to jump out of the trampoline and the ways to get out of a trampoline. 

4. If The Trampoline Makes A Squeaky Noise, Inform an Adult

Depending on the trampoline, the frequency of usage and the weight capacity, trampolines with springs will at one point need parts to be replaced, just like a bike or any other type of equipment. Parents should let children know that they should notify an adult when a trampoline is making any noise out of the ordinary. 

5. Never Jump With More People Than Suggested

It is also very common for people to want to jump together. Trampolines are more fun with other people! However, depending on the size of the trampoline and the weight capacity, the jumpers might be pushing the limits of the trampoline. Additionally, even if weight isn't an issue, having too many people jumping on a trampoline that is meant for only one person can become a safety issue. Parents should discuss with children the amount of people that can be jumping on the trampoline at a time. 

 We also encourage parents to always monitor or supervise children when using the trampoline. Children should never use the trampoline unattended.

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