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Are trampolines safe for kids?

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One of the biggest questions parents have about trampolines is: is it safe for my kids? The thoughts of a child falling, breaking an arm or hurting each other if they jump together are common to parents. Despite parent concerns, trampolines are still extremely popular among families. 

When properly used, trampolines are safe - even for kids. Typically kids want to try something different or want to push themselves to jump higher or execute a flip in the air. These type of maneuvers can be dangerous and risky for kids. Kids should not try these without the supervision of adults. We even recommend to parents that kids do not try this maneuvers without proper guidance.

The safety question about trampolines becomes a little misguided when asked too general. A parent with a bad experience may say that they are not safe, although statistics show that trampolines are safe. The questions parents should be asking is: how can trampolines be safe for kids? Or how can I make the trampolines safe for my kids?

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