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Trampoline Consulting Service


Finding the right trampoline for your family can be exhausting. Customers spend hours, days and weeks visiting different websites to compare prices, read descriptions, and check out reviews. Let our experts help you find the right trampoline for your family.


What is the Trampoline Consulting Service?

The Trampoline Consulting Service is a FREE service offered by The Trampoline Shop to educate customers on the trampoline industry, trampoline products and trampoline pricing. The Trampoline Consulting Service helps families choose the right trampoline depending on the customer's condition, budget, home, space and other factors.


How does the Trampoline Consulting Service work?

 We've made it really simple for our customers to use our FREE Trampoline Consulting Service.

  1. Fill out the Trampoline Questionnaire (below) on this page by answering a few questions that will help us better prepare data, research and information for your review.
  2. Once the Trampoline Questionnaire is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with a starter kit that will help you learn more about the trampoline selection process.
  3. Within 48 hours of submitting the Trampoline Questionnaire, you will receive an email from one of our trampoline experts with information, research and recommendations to help you choose the right trampoline for your family.


How much does the Trampoline Consulting Service cost?

Our Trampoline Consulting Service is completely FREE for anyone. There are no hidden fees and no extra charges for talking or communicating with one of our trampoline experts. 


Why is The Trampoline Shop offering a FREE Trampoline Consulting Service?

Our mission and goal as a company is to help families choose the right trampoline. We are fully dedicated to our mission that we are willing to recommend trampoline brands to customers that we don't carry. Customers have a right to provide their family with the right trampoline, even if they don't end up being our customers.