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Vuly Warranty & Guarantee

Vuly Warranty Information & Guarantee Features


When you purchase your trampoline from The Trampoline Shop you are promised a warranty from the manufacturer. All Vuly trampolines include the Limited Manufacturer Warranty at no extra charge. The manufacturer guarantees the following:

Vuly Warranty | The Trampoline Shop


It is essential that customers regularly check and follow the advice of the Safety and Maintenance sections of the Vuly® instruction manual or installation videos to ensure longevity of their product.

The warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear of the product (i.e. spring stretch) or UV deterioration. Additionally, the warranty is void if the product is used for any other activity besides those for which it was intended.

Any evidence of such actions leading to product failure will not be covered by the warranty. Similarly, replacement parts or repairs needed to mend the damage will not be covered under the warranty if evidence of misuse is detected.

Damage caused to the trampoline as a result of a weather event such as storm surge,
flood etc. are not covered under this warranty. Vuly® suggests you contact your home and contents insurer if your trampoline is damaged by weather events.

The warranty does not cover personal injury or losses due to improper assembly or maintenance, nor to damage due to neglect, misuse or accidents. To limit damage caused to the trampoline by improper assembly, carefully follow all instructions and ensure your trampoline remains on level ground while in use. Furthermore, the warranty does not cover installation provided by a third party assembly

It is the customer’s responsibility to check all boxes and confirm all components
are included and in the correct condition before installation takes place.


Replacement Parts

As a certified Vuly® retailer, The Trampoline Shop include all Vuly guarantees. If you purchase a Vuly® trampoline from the Trampoline Shop you are guaranteed 1/2 the price on all replacement parts for the longevity of your Vuly® trampoline. Replacement parts for Vuly® trampoline can be hard to find, but rest assure that you are in great hands!


Shop With Confidence

Our family at The Trampoline Shop strives to provide our customers a safe and smooth customer experience. We are proactive in addressing our customer concerns for online shopping and decided to team up with Norton Inc. to provide our customers with a safe, secure checkout and and a shopping guarantee only Norton can provide.

Norton Shopping Guarantee enables the best online merchants to provide their buyers an independently guaranteed shopping experience for total peace of mind over their purchase. When you buy from The Trampoline Shop, you will receive for FREE:

Norton Shopping Guarantee | The Trampoline Shop

Norton Shopping Guarantee

The Norton Shopping Guarantee means:

  • The Trampoline Shop's identity, reputation, experience, financial stability, and ability to honor their sales terms and conditions have been verified.
  • The Trampoline Shop's performance is monitored on every transaction
  • Norton Shopping Guarantee is automatically included with your purchase at no cost and provides you with:
 $10,000 Identity Theft Protection Receive comprehensive assistance and financial coverage if your identity is stolen anywhere online or offline.
$1,000 Purchase Guarantee All terms (returns, refunds, shipping, etc) are independently guaranteed.
$100 Lowest Price Guarantee If the published store price drops, we will pay you the difference, up to $100.

      To learn more about Norton Shopping Guarantee visit the Symantec Corporation site to verity The Trampoline Shop's reputation and offerings. If you have any questions regarding Norton Shopping Guarantee, please contact us at